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a complete song list of titles written by mckinley morganfield.

for information on licensing material from the watertoons (bmi) catalog, contact

watertoons music, owned by the estate of mckinley morganfield administered by bug music-note: many songs were recorded more than once and may have various versions representing different years.

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    title circa
    a to the top!
    all aboard 1956
    all night long 1969
    b to the top!
    baby, please don't go 1960
    bad lovin' trouble 1967
    blind man 1971
    blow, wind, blow 1969
    blues and trouble 1969
    blues for hippies 1970
    born lover 1958
    born with nothing 1975
    bottom of the sea 1969
    burr clover farm blues 1941
    burying ground 1949
    bus driver 1977
    c to the top!
    c.c. woman 1971
    can't do me no good 1968
    can't get no grinding 1973
    canary bird 1966
    catfish blues
    aka rollin' stone
    champagne and reefer 1981
    clouds in my heart 1959
    cold up north
    cold weather blues 1964
    come back baby 1994
    come home baby
    (i wish you would)
    copper brown 1978
    corrina, corrina
    (trad. arr.)

    country blues 1941
    country boy 1964
    county jail 1971
    crosseyed cat 1977
    d to the top!
    deep down in florida 1985
    deep down in my heart 1960
    down south blues
    aka early in the morning
    drive my blues away 1974
    e to the top!
    early in the morning 1965
    early morning blues 1965
    evans shuffle 1972
    evil 1957
    f to the top!
    find yourself another fool 1971
    flood 1952
    forever lonely 1981
    fox squirrel 1975
    funky butt 1973
    funny sounds 1975
    g to the top!
    gal you gotta watch 1951
    goin' down louisiana
    aka louisiana blues
    going down to main street 1975

    going home 1962
    gonna need my help 1967
    good lookin woman 1957
    good news 1957
    got a sweet little girl 1967
    gypsy woman
    aka gypsy women
    h to the top!
    hard days 1948
    hard loser 1967
    hello little girl
    highway 41 1974
    honey bee 1951
    howlin' wolf 1971
    i to the top!
    i be bound to write to you 1942
    i be's troubled 1941
    i can't be satisfied 1948
    i be's troubled 1941
    i done got wise
    i feel like going home 1948
    i wanna go home
    i want you to love me 1959
    iodine in my coffee 1952
    it's all over 1971
    i wanna go home
    it's alright 1965
    j to the top!
    jealous hearted man 1977
    k to the top!
    katie 1974
    key to the highway 1972
    kind hearted woman 1948
    kinfolks blues 1971
    l to the top!
    landlady 1972
    last time i fool around with you 1949
    laverne (why do you treat me so mean?) 1967
    leavin' in the mornin' 1967
    let me hang around 1963
    little anna mae 1947
    little brown bird 1962
    little geneva 1949
    little girl 1977
    lonesome day 1951
    lonesome room blues 1961
    long distance call 1951
    look what you've done 1960
    louisiana blues
    aka goin' down louisiana
    love weapon 1973
    love without jealousy 1968
    love, deep as the ocean 1975
    m to the top!
    making friends 1971
    mamie 1978
    mannish boy 1955
    mean disposition 1969
    mean mistreater 1948
    mean red spider 1948
    meanest woman 1960
    messin' with the man 1961
    mini dress 1968
    mother's bad luck child 1973
    mud in your ear 1968
    mudcat 1971
    muddy jumps one 1948
    muddy waters shuffle 1973
    mule kicking in my stall 1970
    my fault 1974
    my home is on the delta 1964
    my life is ruined 1967
    my love strikes like lightning 1963
    my pencil won't write no more 1972
    n to the top!
    no escape from the blues 1981
    nothin' bother me 1967
    o to the top!
    one more mile 1963
    p to the top!
    please don't go
    aka baby, please don't go
    please have mercy 1972
    r to the top!
    ramblin' kid blues 1942
    ramblin' mind 1969
    read way back 1960
    real love 1961
    red beans
    rock me 1957
    rollin' and tumblin' 1950
    rollin' stone
    aka catfish blues
    rosalie 1942
    s to the top!
    sad letter 1972
    sad, sad day 1953
    screamin' and crying 1949
    scuse me, baby 1968
    she moves me 1959
    she's a woman 1955
    she's alright 1967
    she's nineteen years old 1958
    she's so pretty 1954
    shimmy, baby 1969
    sitting and thinking 1964
    so glad, baby 1968
    someday baby
    aka trouble no more
    someday i'm gonna ketch you 1973
    stand here trembling
    standing around crying 1952
    still a fool
    aka two trains running
    strange woman 1971
    streamline woman 1948
    stuff you gotta watch 1951
    t to the top!
    take a little walk
    take a walk with me 1942
    tell me baby 1960
    that's why i don't mind
    the blues had a baby
    and they named it rock ...
    the woman i love aka
    stuff you got to watch
    they call me muddy waters 1971
    thirty-three years 1978
    too young to know 1967
    tough times 1962
    trainfare blues 1967
    tribute to muddy 1971
    trouble no more
    aka someday baby
    two steps forward 1971
    u to the top!
    unk in funk 1974
    w to the top!
    walkin' blues (traditional)
    walking thru the park 1959
    waterboy, waterboy 1974
    what is that she got? 1971
    where's my woman been 1949
    whiskey blues 1948
    whiskey no good 1973
    who do you trust? 1978
    who's gonna be your sweet
    man when i'm gone?
    who do you trust? 1978
    why don't you live so god can use you 1942
    y to the top!
    yes alright
    you can't lose what
    you ain't never had
    you gonna need my help 1964
    you got to get sick and
    die some of these days
    you're gonna miss me 1948
    # to the top!
    13 highway 1963
    32-20 blues 1942

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